Prayer Request

MeLissa King, March 10, 2022 - 9:02 pm

Please pray for Lucas Asberry. He was on a basketball team associated with the team Mykal was on this year but he is older. This is what his mother shared today. I have her permission to ask for prayers for him online and at church…. Lucas went to his orthopedic Dr. yesterday and the imaging shows that last Thursday night at the game, he broke the growth plate on his fibula, but doesn't have any other major damage. No surgery necessary right now. In 5 weeks he will go back to check to make sure that the plate is healing together but not closed. If it is healing closed, unevenly from the tibia, then he'll require surgery. His pain level is pretty significant both with and without the boot. Please pray with us for correct healing and reduction of pain and swelling. Thanks.