Church News

Church News: A Weekly Update from Countryside Baptist Church

June 27, 2022


From the desk of Pastor Ron


You are a witness for Jesus Christ commanded to share the message of salvation. How is that going?


One Great Hour of Sharing


When you give to One Great Hour of Sharing, you deploy resources to people in need all around the world. Put love into action – give in the month of June. So far given 315.00


Men’s Fellowship


All men are invited to the Men’s Fellowship Wednesdays at 8:00 AM at Scuttlebutts Coffee.


Countryside Women’s Fellowship Coffee


The “She-Brews” are meeting Tuesday 9:30 AM at Scuttlebutts Coffee.



Wednesday Night Bible Study 7:00PM



Disciples of Wisdom Youth Group


Meeting Wednesday @ 6:30 PM at the church. Contact Adam Fortna





Rightnow Media, is a library for on line Bible studies and content, our gift to you. Signup at: or text the letters: CSBC to 49775



Thought For the Day


Who has loved you sacrificially? Who are you loving as your heavenly Father loves you? Father, no one could love me more than You. From Our Daily Bread


Birthdays and Anniversaries





4 Gordon & Jane Warnken


6 Jerry Maxfield


7 Ray & Dena Miller

Paul & Karen Potts


12 Jess & Sherry Brooks


27 Patsy Shorter


29 Linda Campbell


30 Gayle Brooks




2 Steve Pohlman


5 Julia Weidman

Ella Davidson


9 Matt Maxfield


13 Hunter Maxfield