Who We Are
Countryside is a Christ-Centered Church. Christ is the head of the Church in the world and it is His life, death, and resurrection that we proclaim.
Countryside is a Praying Church: We believe in the power of prayer and in the awesome privilege of every believer to come boldly before our Father’s throne of grace in adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication.
Countryside is a Worshiping Church: To glorify God is our highest priority. Our worship includes prayer, praise, ministry of the Word, and fellowship.
Countryside is a Mission-focused Church: We are focused on fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20) through personally sharing the good news of the forgiveness of our sins and salvation in Jesus Christ as well as by supporting various local and world mission efforts.
Countryside is an Evangelical Church: We teach the historic truths of the Christian faith found in God’s Word.
Countryside is a Friendly Church: The people of Countryside are a loving body of believers that encourage, uplift, and care for one another. You will find smiling faces, people genuinely interested in you, and ample opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship, and service.